Offshore Wind Transition Piece Supply Chain Workshop

September 17, 2019 - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm - Event to be held in Albany County

The workshop is for manufacturers only.  

New York State has awarded 1.696 GW of a 9 GW pipeline to offshore wind developers Orsted and Equinor. Tier 1 manufacturers of primary component parts - foundations, transition pieces, towers, nacelles, blades, inter-array cable, substations and export cable - will now respond to developer RFP's for the opportunity to enter the US Offshore Wind Industry. Given the scale of these components, state content requirements and the size of the offshore wind pipeline for the US east coast, fabrication and final assembly is making its way to US ports including those located in the Capital Region.

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The Center for Economic Growth will welcome a tier 1 manufacturer of transition pieces  on September 17th to present on the serial manufacturing of secondary steel components and the OEMs plan for the USA offshore wind business opportunity.  This is a chance for NY State Manufacturers to learn about an emerging industry in the US. The tier 1 manufacturer is looking to establish partnerships with metal machining, welding, and component fabrication suppliers to respond to current and future RFP's for the following secondary steel components associated with Transition Pieces exists:

  • Transition Piece Doors
  • Boat Landing
  • External Ladder
  • Concrete Platform
  • Yo-Yo Frame
  • Railings and connection plates
  • Internal Steel Structural Platforms
  • Internal Ladder
  • Assembly of Anode Cage

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