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"Ours is a team approach to wealth management"

The Affinity Group, LLC is a premier wealth management firm located in Albany, NY since 2002. We utilize a team approach to wealth management, working with professionals in the financial services, accounting, and legal areas where necessary.

Our firm is the product of a vision focused on people, rather than on financial products. We strive to create an environment that supports collaboration with our clients' other advisors, and offer a level of service that is unprecedented.

Our powerful approach allows us to help you establish the financial security you desire for you, your family and your business.

The unimaginable happens.  You are not here.

Your success has been beyond your dreams. You family enjoys a quality of life that is exceptional. Your talent, tenacity, hard work and willingness to take risks is well known.

But now, who else knows what you know? Your holdings, investments business partners, those who owe you money?

Does your family know what to do?  More importantly, did you make the plans that would provide all that you wanted for them?

It was a dream. You’re here. You have time.

The Affinity Group LLC will help you face such challenges and create a positive conclusion though a solid “defense” of strategic risk management and exit planning.

A crucial vendor goes out.You biggest buyer decided to make his own product. A Flood A Strike A Recession.

The Unexpected Crisis

Your money is all tied up in your business and It is not possible to get money back out of it quickly.

Because the unexpected happens, The Affinity Group, LLC will work with you to create a plan for financial mobility in case of crisis.

We guide you to strategic diversification that will allow you to access money in a day or two if needed, so you can make the needed essential decisions required.

Your plan: Your business will provide your retirement:


Your kids or employees will take over the business, pay you out, and you will ride off comfortably into the sunset.

Reality: Your family and employees have other ideas and plans.

Plus: The market for your product is not great due to new competition and technology.

And: Your best trained employees did retire.


As Behavior Finance Specialists, we know that you cannot risk your retirement funding on hopes and wishes. Circumstances change.


The Affinity Group LLC will take you through your unique and specific business circumstances and examine all of your options to create your retirement security.  

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Services Include:

Estate Planning  |  Retirement Planning  |  Risk Management  |  Cash Flow Analysis  |  Tax Planning Strategies  |  Investment Planning

Common Sense Exit Strategies

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