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Diverse teams. Inclusive strategies. Tangible results.

Tangible Development provides full-service customized diversity, equity, and inclusion solution with measurable outcomes that result in sustainable change.

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For more information, contact: Louise Aitcheson at 518-465-8975, x229, or louisea@ceg.org

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Our Vision

Our vision is to ignite individual potential, humanize business, and transform organizations. Our work is about real people, authentic conversations about critical issues, and innovative solutions that create real change.

We believe
the most successful organizations are diverse and people-centric in both policy and practice.

We believe diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts can be some of the hardest work an organization can undertake.

We believe organizations transform when leaders spearhead the efforts to
make your organization more equitable and inclusive.

We believe when you put people first, profits follow.

Let's Strategize Together...